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Elefanten im All

 Unser Platz im Universum

1. Computer simulation showing the future of our Galaxy as it collides with Andromeda

2. Computer simulation of turbulent stripping of gas in the interstellar medium

3. The formation of a dark matter halo

4. The observed motions of stars at the Galactic center

5. Computer simulation of the formation of a galaxy like our Milky Way

6. Some of the planetary systems observed by the Kepler satellite

7. Computer simulation of the formation of a planetary system

8. The Sun observed in different wavelengths

9. Fly through a computer simulation of the entire universe

10. Zoom into the Hubble Deep Field

I thank my colleagues and collaborators including John Dubski, Oscar Agertz, Joachim Stadel & Volker Springel for some of this material.

Click, or right click and save to play (warning - some large file sizes)